Bontin is a brand established since 1951 in Ningyocho, Nihonbashi Tokyo that designs and offers a world of wonderful patterns born from Japanese tradition and a textile design studded with seasonal colors.

What is BonTin?

"BonTin" was named after our dog Bonbon and Tintin. Not only the name came from this but when written in Japanese character, Bontin can be read as 'Brahma' who is the first god in the Hindu triumvirate. Brahma is known as the creator of the universe and of all beings. Unlike all the other Hindu gods, Brahma carries no weapon in his hands. He holds a water-pot, a spoon, a book of prayers or the Vedas, a rosary and sometimes a lotus. In a different Japanese character, "bon" means basin and "tin" means reflect. Putting these together, Bontin means 'A drop of water that falls in a water basin bounces back and changes into a different pattern'. We believe combining precious moments with countless scenes and exploring various forms will enable us to express a world that only Bontin can create.